Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Trip (Parts I & II)

So Maintenance Connection, which is the company I do documentation and design for, has a really incredible tradition of taking everyone on staff, and their spouses, on an amazing Christmas trip each year. We usually just fly in, stay somewhere beautiful, have an incredible dinner, ridiculous white elephant gift game, do something fun, then they say "stay as long as you'd like and enjoy yourselves!" They really are an awesome company to be a part of.

Anyways, this year - the trip was to Colorado Springs. The scenery there was just mindblowing! Sadly, I didn't bring my camera with me to our full company dinner, so I don't have photos from the main events, just from the last 2 days when some of us went for some sight-seeing and food. Anyways, this post will be a doozy, so here goes... (click on any to enlarge)

First Day:

Second Day:

It was really amazing to see the two sides of the area. Beautiful, sunny, green, vibrant on one day...and gorgeous, soft snow on the second day. This was actually my first time to see "real" snow. We really had a blast getting away for a few days...