Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mini Joey's Promo Shot

I posted a thread about the working progress of this a while back,
but never put up a finished product....

Joey (my boss - www.31films.com) needed a promo shot for a forum that he is a "professor" for. Basically he will do tutorials or post his knowledge and feedback on topics. Anyway, he didn't want to do the standard "i look cool and lean on a wall" sort of pose...'nor did he want to do the "i'm a rock and roll star" sort of a pose...and he even wanted to stay away from the "i'm so artistic i'd blow your mind" sort of pose.

We brainstormed several ideas and finally came up with what we considered to be a winner. I haven't done much work with composite photography, so this was definitely interesting to map out what we needed to do to make it work...but in the end - i think we came out with the desired effect. i hope you like it. feel free to leave any feedback.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Will - 10 Days Old

Forgive me. Old Pictures / New Post

I didn't have the blog when I took these photos, but these are just too cute to not share. They are from when my nephew was 10 days old at their home. Coincidentally, my camera was 10 days old as well, so I was still trying to figure things out on that bad boy. I guess that's still the case, though! :)


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seth's Senior Portraits

So Seth and his family go to our church, and he's graduating...well, tonight. His mom had asked us about doing a session for him before the big day, and we figured it would be great to do some more portrait work, so we obliged. It was a good time. He apparently wants to be a model, but we were able to crack a few smiles from him every now and then :)

It was a blazing hot and sunny day, so that was a fun variation of the constant weather woes that I seem to experience any time I am not taking photos JUST for fun. Rachel was as helpful as ever with the poses and equipment (Although we did have a scare where somehow we left my bag full of lenses and gear clear across the park).

Either way - I hope that Seth and his mom like these. I think we got a few gems out of the shoot for sure. Enjoy!