Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cara & John's Wedding

So, Cara and John are good friends of ours who were planning their wedding all by themselves. Rachel, my wife, worked along-side Cara to help plan the entire event, since our wedding was also very DIY. Cara's vision for the day envolved deep "sangria" reds and peacock feathers. Well, I'd say they made it happen! :)

Cara asked if I could do the photos, since they didn't have anyone lined up as a photographer yet. Now, I'd never photographed a wedding before (remember - I make my living filming weddings...not photographing them!), but I couldn't turn down the chance to help tell the story of their big day! Anyways - after a little prep and a couple of nightmares involving just about every thing that could go wrong on my end, the day went off without a hitch! The whole event was at our little church (The River) and everyone enjoyed themselves!

As much as I enjoyed being able to take a walk on the "stills" side of things, I have to say I don't plan to move towards the title "wedding photographer" any time soon! (Although, it defintely was nice not to have to carry 50lbs of gear or worry about capturing audio throughout the event!)

My best wishes to Cara and John! I hope you enjoy!