Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hannah's Senior Portraits Pt.2

As promised...Hannah and I went out and knocked out the second round of her senior portraits (sunlight/weather issues caused last session to be cut way can check out round 1 here though!) Anyways - we cruised around downtown Conroe for a bit and walked away with a ton of gems. Here are my favorites!



Krista said...

They are awesome!!! I'm sure it helps that you had one of the most beautiful subjects on the planet, but still, you never cease to astound me with your skill Aaron! I keep wondering, “Um, is it that he finds the greatest places to take shots or is it that he can make any place look like the greatest place to take shots”!?!

SorlieArts said...

Is it too late for you to take my Senior Portraits? These are so fun you guys! Awesome-ness